8k8 Promotions, Bonus, Free Spins, Cashbacks 2024

8k8 casino players have so much to explore with newer and better features upcoming day by day at the 8k8 online casino. This casino is quite latest and was launched in 2023.

8K8 Promotions

Its developers are involved in offering the players attractive features and promotions to make their experiences even better than before. With enhanced technology and the use of the best softwares, 8k8 Casino is able to meet the expectations of all.

There are unlimited numbers of rewards and promotions offered at 8k8 casino, we will discuss all of them in this article.

Types of Bonuses Granted By 8k8 Casino

All players win rewards or bonuses from this gaming site now and then, there are several forms of these incentives:

Types of 8k8 Bonus
  • Bonuses such as welcome bonus or deposit bonus: Did you know that at 8k8, you get a welcome bonus, you log in for the very first time and there it is! The welcome bonus can go up to 10,000 PHP. Besides that, you also get a considerable bonus for depositing money for playing games.
  • Rewards from games or loyalty programs: 8k8 casino cares for its loyal members and provides them with bonuses for being a long-term member through the loyalty program aside from the rewards that they win from their games.
  • Free spins: You get kind of extra money for testing out new slot games. This means you will be able to try out a game without the risk of losing any money. So, spin the cash and find the games that best match your interests.
  • Cashbacks: A specific percentage of money is returned to your account if you lose a game. There are different rules and policies of 8k8 in this regard. Mostly, this reward is for when you lose a bet that is of higher than 150 points.

8k8 Additional Promotions Exclusive for Different Membership Levels

The promotions for the existing members of 8k8 are quite encouraging. These incentives enhance the gaming experiences of the players and keep them satisfied. These promotions include:

Partial refunds: Whether you have lost or won a game, you will receive a percentage of money back in your account. This promotion is exclusive to the bettors of the Philippines. You can request this refund anytime you want to and will receive a 0.5% to 2.5% refund for a bet of 1+.

Lost Money Cashback: If you are new to 8k8 casino and not a pro player, don’t worry because 8k8 offers beneficial cashback to its players on losing a game. If you have lost a game of 150 or more points, you get cashbacks but it is calculated by subtracting your total loss money from the total win amount. However, receiving this reward also depends upon your membership level, category of game, or frequency of playing games. Still, these rewards are practical for the bettors as they motivate them to continue playing.

To further clear things out, A person losing around 1000 points in a game is going to receive a 50 points bonus on that while a person losing 2000 points in a game will receive a 100 points bonus.

Loyalty program rewards: A special program that keeps offering the old and persistent members shows how much 8k8 casino praises its members. These bonuses are granted in various forms in different promotional periods and surprise you. It can be either in the form of additional money or extra time to continue your game.

8k8 VIP Member’s Promotions

8k8 VIP Promotions

Besides the additional promotions, 8k8 offers exclusive promotions just for its VIP members. Once you are a VIP member by depositing the required amount of money, and being an active and loyal member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

You get to have a higher depositing limit which lets you increase your gaming sessions. Not only that, you are also offered exclusive bonuses specially designed for you. This is enough to make a player feel special but 8k8 casino doesn’t stop there, it even gives you a personal manager to make it easier for you to manage your account. It helps you to stay free of account managing tension and stay focused on your gaming.

8k8 Promotion Terms and Conditions

Although there are various offers and rewards for 8k8 players, each of them comes with their own terms and conditions. Therefore, before availing any offers the player should carefully read the terms and conditions and have to agree to them to continue playing.

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